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Began as a video production agency and has since evolved into a comprehensive solutions provider for branding and marketing communications.

  • Since 2010


    Before founding MANYMANY+, Pun was an award-winning creator and expert in animation and 3D effects. He co-founded Manymany Creations, a production house with widespread acclaim. Pun's impressive video work drew the attention of TVC directors and advertising agencies, expanding his network in the creative industry. He is also a devout Christian. MANYMANY+ was just an idea before 2010, but it blossomed after Pun's encounter with Fortune Pharmacal. The first comprehensive marketing campaign, driven by a series of visually stunning videos, marked the beginning of MANYMANY+.

  • 2010 - 2014

    From O2O to OVO

    MANYMANY+ had a solid foundation. However, Pun gained valuable market insight into O2O campaigns, which led to the invitation of two new partners: Charles and Rosita. This move proved to be a game changer for MANYMANY+. With Charles as the Creative Lead and Rosita as the Client and Strategy Lead, MANYMANY+ began offering rare and unique comprehensive O2O solutions. Their Strategy + Video + Creative approach was a huge success, earning the trust of many clients, including BRAND A, B, and C.

  • 2014 - 2018

    Viral Language R+Defined

    As brands entered the social media era, video became a key factor in making content viral. MANYMANY+ created a series of online videos with over a million views, capturing the attention of consumers and marketers, and receiving industry recognition.

  • 2018 - NOW

    Be a partner, be a friend

    Retaining a client relationship is like having a trusted business partner who also happens to be a great friend, with mutual respect, understanding, and shared goals that keep the collaboration strong and enjoyable.

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