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UThrone Error Catwalk and MaMa Killa



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OSIM has recently launched Uthrone, a massage gaming chair. This chair promises the ultimate relaxation experience, whether you’re working, studying, gaming, or entertaining. With a five-star importance rating, the project involves celebrity connections and online videos. The challenge lies in promoting the comfort and functionality of Uthrone to the public, especially those who may have stereotypes towards esports or gaming. Additionally, OSIM must find a way to reach out to the young market, as their existing product portfolio is skewed towards sophisticated families.


We made two social-centric commercials, Error Catwalk and MaMa Killa’s Family. In Error Catwalk, it’s never too fat, too short, or too tall to stay chill and look cool as long as you have UThrone with you. In Mama Killa’s Family, they played multi roles from kid to mahjong’s queen, coordinate with spot lights, to deliver the all-in-one occasions. The videos show that Uthrone is fashionable designed and tailer make, shits for everyone.

At that time, a new boys’ group called Error had just debuted and gained attention from the public. because of their humour, especially young people, because they were breaking traditional perceptions of what a boys’ group should be. Error’s image fits the idea of OSIM’s Uthrone, which is not only a gaming chair but also suitable for many purposes, breaking perceptions of what a gaming chair should be. Therefore, it is believed that through cooperating with Error, younger generations can be attracted to purchase OSIM’s uThrone product.

Spark a new wave with the next generation of boy bands

TV / Online Video

【OSIM電競天王椅】想點按、幾時按、由您話事!- CATWALK篇
【OSIM電競天王椅】ERROR 193, 肥仔 屋企篇

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